Dashboard tab features

Once the application is installed from the Shopify App Store, the Dashboard, the main page of the application will appear. At the bottom of this page, you will see the Tutorial bar with the following first steps,

  1. 1. Install the app in one of your themes (see the Installation instruction).
    Note: First of all it is required to install the app in one of the themes and only then make other adjustments.
  2. 2. Turn on and customize your home page or product page widget.
  3. 3. You can upload existing photos of your products in action.
  4. 4. You can also make it possible for your visitors to upload their own photos on the Home or Product page.

The following sections can be managed on the Dashboard page once the app is installed in one of the store’s themes,

  1. 1. Total interactions and Total uploads statistics
  2. 2. Add new photo
  3. 3. Home page photos
  4. 4. New photos
  5. 5. Approved photos
  6. 6. Rejected photos
  7. 7. Update your Widget settings

More information on 1-6 points is in the Home Page section.

Total interactions and Total uploads statistics

There is an automatical counter with daily and total uploads statistics on the top of the Dashboard page.

It is possible to filter the Total interactions and Total uploads data by date. Use the dropdown menu to select the required period of time.

Hover over the column to review the number of uploads by date.