Home Page

The following sections can be managed from the Home Page tab,

  1. 1. Add new photo
  2. 2. Total interactions analytics
  3. 3. Home page photos
  4. 4. New photos
  5. 5. Approved photos
  6. 6. Rejected photos

Add new photo

You can upload manually existing photos of your product in action. It is possible to do and save any changes with photos in the app’s admin panel before and after its approval.

To upload a photo from the admin panel, select the Home Page tab and click the Upload photo button on the right part of the page.

Available options in the Photo section

When the photo is uploaded, the following options are available in the New photos section:

  1. Approve
  2. Reject
  3. Delete
  4. Crop
  5. Edit Metadata
  • Approve option - if you approve a photo, it will be displayed on your store. You can change the photo status to approved only after you have chosen which page the photo will be displayed on, either the Product page or the Home page.
  • Reject option - if you reject a photo, it won’t be displayed on your store, but still, be in admin panel (Rejected photos section).
  • Edit Metadata option - change the photo's metadata and optimize the photo for search engines.

    Photo’s metadata fields that can be changed by admin,

    • - Photo Alt attribute
    • - Photo Title attribute
    • - Filename
    • - Choose the product(s) this photo will be associated with
    • - "Display the photo on the home page widget" checkbox
    • - Photo status

    The pages a photo to be displayed on

    To specify the pages the photo will be associated with, Home page and/or Product page,

    1. a) insert the required product title using the autocomplete feature
    2. b) or enable the Display the photo… checkbox.
  • Crop option - you can crop any new, approved or rejected photo.
  • Delete option - if you delete a photo, it will be deleted from your site and admin page.

The approved Home Page photos can be sorted by:

  • descending dates;
  • ascending dates;
  • manually;