Installation instruction

Installation process

First of all, the app should be installed in one of your themes. To do this, click the Install the app link on the first step displayed on the Tutorial bar.

Optionally, follow these steps to complete the installation,

  1. 1. Click the Settings tab on the top of the Dashboard page.
  2. 2. Select Installation instruction from the options that are on the Settings page.
  3. 3. In the Installation process section, select the required theme and click the Enable button.

Changing the position of the widget

The Customer Photo Uploader product widget (sections/gwa-cpu-slider-product.liquid) can be placed anywhere inside the templates/product.liquid on the product page. The Home page widget (sections/gwa-cpu-slider-index.liquid) can be placed on any page template (/templates/).

The widget of our app cannot be placed inside another section since Shopify does not allow to place the section inside other sections.

More information on changing the place of the widget is in Settings > Installation instruction > Additional information.

Uninstall process

As it is mentioned in the Uninstall process instruction of the app, it is recommended to delete it using the Uninstall App button in the app's admin panel. In this case, the widget code will be completely removed from the corresponding theme. If the app is deleted from the general Apps page of the Shopify admin of your store, some pieces of the code can be left inside the theme after deleting.

The app will first delete the code created by the application, and then remove the app from your store.

  1. 1. On the Settings page, select the Uninstall process section
  2. 2. Click the Uninstall App button at the bottom of the Uninstall Instructions page.
  3. 3. Click the Confirm button in the popup appeared.