Widget Settings

You can customize Dropzone, Product and Home page widgets in the Widget settings in the app. To do this, click the Settings button on the top of the Dashboard.

Use the Home page and Product page Settings to:

  • enable and disable widget on the store page;
  • change the width of photos in the gallery;
  • use theme styles for gallery title, subtitle, and description;
  • display the widget title and subtitle;
  • hide the widget description;
  • display the upload button;
  • configure the slider;
  • display the widget line;
  • display the widget lightbox.

Upload Dropzone settings

It is possible to use the Settings > Upload Dropzone to:

  • customize settings for heading;
  • change Thank you message settings;
  • customize background;
  • set up button options;
  • request the customer's e-mail address;
  • customer notifications;
  • consent to Privacy Policy;
  • ask for a description for a photo;
  • see a preview of your changes;